CMSI Management Inc. is a leader in the community management field, utilizing the latest available technology and integrating it with our proven management approach of paying personal attention to the details of your community.


An innovative approach to Community Association Management.

What does this mean... A management firm must be capable and prepared to deal with the most important assets in a client's interest: their homes and their money.

We manage homes by assuring that the Association's Administrative and Operational needs are taken care of. We manage their money by assuring a comprehensive checks and balances system for accounts receivable and payable are in place and under the supervision of Qualified Professionals. We believe in order to effectively manage a Community Association, a company must have the proper team properly deployed. At CMSI Management Inc., we strive to meet these unique challenges.


CMSI Management Inc.'s staff is committed to continued education in the community management field. Because of the constantly changing laws and structures of community associations, our company policy requires all management staff to hold the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA), Association Management Specialist (AMS) or Professional Community Association Management (PCAM) designations; or be active in the Professional Management Development Program (PMDP), with the goal of achieving those designations. Also, refresher courses must be taken periodically to maintain certification and keep up with these changes.


Recognizes community management firms that meet rigid criteria in the areas of financial management, fidelity insurance coverage, and specialized industry education and training for employees. To qualify for AAMC status, CAI must receive written verification of satisfactory service from three clients before an applicant company is considered. Applicants must also agree to abide by CAI's Professional Manager Code of Ethics. It also is a requirement that the company have a Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) member that acts in a supervisory position.


Awarded to managers who have successfully completed the M100 course through CAI and passed a comprehensive test. The CMCA sets a national standard for the basic knowledge necessary to manage any type of community association.


Awarded to managers who have successfully completed the M100 course and have been involved in the daily operations of community associations for at least two years.


Requires successful completion of extensive course work through a series of the Professional Management Development Programs (PMDP), a two day case study, successful completion of a management thesis and a minimum of three years of professional community association management experience.


Washington Metropolitan Chapter of Community
Association Institute

National Office of Community Association Institute