The selection of a good Management Company is crucial to the success of a Community Association. The selection of the RIGHT Management Company for YOUR Community is at least as important as the need for Professional Management. Experience, Educational Background along with a commitment to Continued Education, and a proven system of Checks and Balances by a management firm is vital to the Professional delivery of services for your community. In addition, a feeling of Confidence and Chemistry with your chosen Management Firm should be experienced before you hire a Management Company. Too many times, a community looking for Professional Management finds that it must fit into the system dictated by the Management Firm. At CMSI Management Inc. (CMSI) we believe that along with a proven system, there must be flexibility in the system to adjust and adapt to the individuality of your Community Association. By following a few guidelines in your selection of a Management Firm, you can avoid many of the mistakes made by Boards’ of Directors in selecting
their Manager.


Develop a list of management firms in your area that adhere to and hold current Designations and certifications in the industry. Your Management Firm should have managers holding a PCAM, AMS or CMCA designation. More information on designations is available through our CAI link.


Develop specific guidelines outlining what services you want to receive from new management company. Include the number and type of units making up your Association. Include a recent budget and financial statement. Outline the basic physical plant and amenities in your community such as pools, clubhouses, recreation courts, walking trails etc. A listing of contracted services such as grounds maintenance companies, HVAC contractors, etc.

Outline your time frame for obtaining bids, interviewing management firms and making your selection. Try to visit the offices of the prospective management firms to get a feel for how they do business.


Discuss the transition process with your prospective Management firms. Make sure they have a good system for the seamless transition of management responsibilities for your previous management firm. Finally, when you choose your new management firm, make sure you have done your homework and selected the best possible fit for your community members and the needs of your Association at CMSI Management Inc., we believe that we have a system of Team Management that provides a qualified Community Manager that your members will become familiar and comfortable with along with an organization that does not leave a Manager feeling isolated and overwhelmed with handling the day to day needs of today’s Community Association Industry.