What is a Resale Package?
Why do I need a Resale Package?
What is the importance of the Resale Package?
How do I obtain a Resale Package?

Click here for a Resale Request Form. Just print and fax!

What information should be included in the Service Request E-mail?

Architectural Control Committee Request for Change or Addition Form, just print and Fax.

What is aresale Disclosure Package?

Before a property can be sold, the seller must obtain a Resale Disclosure Package for the buyer. This package, prepared by the management company (CMSI Management Inc.), contains information and details about the community. Having this document is such a significant right that it cannot be waived or varied by agreement.

Virginia Law requires the seller to provide to the buyer an Association Disclosure Packet if you live in a condominium (Section 55-79.97 of the Condominium Act), or if you live in a single family house or townhouse (Section 55-512 of the Property Owners’ Association Act).

Why do I need a Resale Package?

The Resale documents hold important information about the property you are trying to sell, and the association that the property is a part of. This is critical information the buyer needs in order to make an informed decision about the property he or she is about to purchase. This information includes Association Fees, the financial status of the community association, insurance information, and copies of the governing documents of the association, just to name a few.

Importance of the Resale Package

What you should know
The status of the seller’s financial obligations. If the seller owes money to the association, the purchaser may become liable.
The disclosed architectural or rules violations. If the seller has made modifications to the property, like adding a patio, and it was not approved by the board or is in violation, then the purchaser maybe become liable to correct these problems.

Can you own a pet?
Can you operate a business on the property?
How long can you rent your home?
Make sure to read “Restrictions on use.”

What does the Association’s master insurance policy cover?
Who pays the deductible, the unit owner or the Association?
If it does not cover personal property, you may need to obtain your own separate coverage in addition to the master policy.
What are the fees and charges from the association?
In addition to the common expense assessment, are there fees for move in/out, parking permits, recreational facilities, etc?

How do I obtain a Resale Package?

CMSI Management Inc. must receive a written request. Be sure to specify how you would like it delivered; email, mail, call for pick up, etc. A Resale Request Form is available in the Forms page. If you want the package sent by overnight delivery, the cost for this is extra.

If you have further questions, please e-mail us at info@cmsimgmt.com. You may also call our office at 703-831-4500.

What information should be included in the Service Request E-mail?
In order to properly serve you, CMSI Management Inc. must have the appropriate information necessary to quickly process your request. We need your accurate contact information, please give us your name and phone number. We need the address where the service is needed and a discription of the problem. Be as descriptive as you like!