After years of working with Boards, CMSI Management Inc. has developed a comprehensive management report for Board members. The informative reports are delivered approximately 3 days before the monthly meeting to review the prior month's activity. This package is customized for each community but routinely includes draft minutes of the last Board meeting, monthly financial statements and arrears lists, a detailed management narrative (outlining the management activity of the previous month with an update on open action items), and a review of problem areas that will require Board action. This package also may contain: site inspection reports, contractor and service provider updates, copies of correspondence from management to owners and other status reports customized
for the community.

We employ a team approach to community management. Our weekly staff meetings allow for a continual flow of information to everyone involved with your community.


All our managers hold Certified Manager for Community Associations (CMCA), the Association Management Specialist (AMS), or the Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) designations from the Community Association Institute. They have extensive experience in managing associations and condominiums of all types, including high-rise and garden style associations.

I am an extremely detail-oriented person who believes in a structured chain of command. I practice proactive management and I believe that a community cannot be managed exclusively from behind a desk. I treat personnel with respect and demand a high level of expertise from my management staff. I must obtain and advance a clear understanding of goals and policies in order to achieve an acceptable level of professional management. I also believe that you must provide staff members with the necessary tools to succeed and that you must then allow them to perform.

With regard to physical plant management, our goal at
CMSI Management Inc. has always been to know the property thoroughly. We pride ourselves on our inspection procedures. Very seldom does an issue arise on our properties that we do not have knowledge of before the community members or Board Members. We utilize an inspection procedure that incorporates several visits per week by CMSI Management Inc. staff. This policy is especially helpful considering the unique nature of every community. We also provide ticketing and enforcement of vehicles parked in violation of your community documents if needed and if requested to do so by the Board of Directors.

When assuming management of a community, my initial position with contractors is to review the current contracts in force for the community and to make recommendations for improvements or changes, if necessary. I insist that contractors network with our staff prior to visiting our properties to provide services. This policy allows better oversight for management. My experience in contracting and, prior to that, as a union negotiator with the fire department, has allowed me to obtain the best possible deals for my communities.

Finally, we want the Board and the community to receive the management services they desire. We schedule an annual review with the Board or their representative to conduct a joint evaluation of the property and the management operation. This meeting helps improve CMSI Management Inc. and increases the understanding between management and the Board as to each one's responsibilities. Our desire is to maintain a positive, productive and proactive relationship. There is no better way to obtain this than by maintaining good communication with our clients.

We know that CMSI Management Inc. will fulfill your requirements for sensitive and responsive community management. We would be happy to discuss all of this with you at length at your convenience.